Human Resources Manager - Charmaine Israel

Meet Charmaine Israel – Our Human Resources Director

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As South Africa commemorates the 1956 Women’s March through Women’s Month and Women’s Day, we look inward to our team. In a somewhat male-dominated industry, the SBS Tanks team includes, and supported by, an incredible group of women. Today, we head over to our Human Resources department, and meet our Human Resources Director: Charmaine Israel.



Charmaine has been part of the SBS Tanks team for more than 13 years and, in 2016, won awards for Service Excellence and Inspirational Leadership at our staff awards ceremony. Promoted to the position of Human Resources Director in 2017, Charmaine’s commitment to giving life her all is not only reserved for our company objectives. As a faith-driven wife and mother of two, Charmaine places her family at the centre of her life, as work provides her with the fuel and fire to keep learning. Charmaine says:

“Hard work, perseverance, dedication, and commitment always pays off. You can have every opportunity, incredible intelligence and a network of connections, but it’s hard work that eventually, always, bears fruit. While it’s tough to remain positive every day, it’s important to me to stay calm and smile through the hectic challenges that work sometimes presents. SBS is part of my life and, the older I get, the more I realise how grateful I am to work alongside people who are positive and committed to enjoying life.

As a vital component of our SBS team, Charmaine is committed, every day, to helping our company not only meet our objectives, but ensuring that our team is well taken care of too. Charmaine’s large portfolio of work does not dissuade her – rather, it serves to inspire her, and enables her to further inspire and motivate every member of our team.

Looking back on South Africa’s history, Charmaine finds Women’s Day, and Women’s Month, an important moment in time. Charmaine explains:

“Women’s Day is important to commemorate, remember, and appreciate, the struggle and effort of women who went before us. They fought hard for the freedoms we enjoy today. But Women’s Day is not just about the past – it’s about the future too. Let us celebrate the women of today, whose hard work will ensure a better tomorrow for future generations!”