East Coast Radio Grand Challenge Winner with SBS Tanks Staff

The East Coast Radio Grand Challenge Winner

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It’s a privilege and a pleasure for our team to sponsor the East Coast Radio Grand Challenge. As a premier provider of liquid storage solutions across South Africa and beyond, SBS Tanks is proud of its heritage and strong focus on supporting Durban industries.

Choosing to collaborate with the province’s favourite radio station, and to support the East Coast Radio Breakfast Show’s Grand Challenge competition, is turning out to be one of our company highlights for 2017, and handing over Grand Challenge prizes to clued-up winners is a big, feel-good, bonus for our team.

How the Grand Challenge Works
As title sponsor to the biggest gameshow on East Coast Radio, SBS Tanks put their name to one of the Breakfast Show’s fast-paced and interactive elements. The Grand Challenge sees hopeful contestants sending an SMS to 33116, and waiting for the Breakfast Show team to call them the very next day. If their number was indeed dialled, contestants were put through their paces, answering somewhat difficult questions. If they got a question wrong, they’d be knocked out, but if they managed to get all questions right, they’d win the Grand Challenge jackpot for the day. Since mid-March, the Grand Challenge prize grew to R41000, the biggest amount of money ever won in the history of East Coast Breakfast’s Grand Challenge. Of course, the Grand Challenge continues, taking on various forms until December 2017. One lucky and clued-up contestant, however, scooped up this mega cash prize in May 2017.

The Winner
Andre Herbst, of Vryheid, was that lucky and clued-up contestant! Despite being extremely nervous when the call came through, Andre scored a perfect 10/10, taking home the Grand Challenge mega cash prize to do with as he saw fit.

Where the Winner Lives
As title sponsor of the East Coast Breakfast Grand Challenge, the SBS Tanks team took a keen interest in the winner, and handing over his prize. How fitting then, that the winner hails from one of KwaZulu-Natal’s most currently water-scarce regions: Vryheid. With a population of just under 50,000 people, this small town is well-known for its agricultural and mining history. SBS Tanks has installed a range of tanks and liquid storage systems across Northern KwaZulu-Natal, which have served to support drought-stricken communities and help them to take control of their water. Thanks to a strong national footprint, SBS proudly installs water storage tanks across the province, country, and continent.