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Top Reasons to Consider Reservoirs for Game Farms and Resorts

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Water reservoirs for game farms and resorts are an essential investment that provides a number of advantages – particularly within the dry, hot South African bush. As an integral part of the local economy, game lodges host large numbers of tourists from all over the world. Lodge and resort owners often have a challenging balance to maintain, between ensuring that guests receive a world-class experience and ensuring that reserves are operated according to sound ecological practices.

Water reservoirs therefore need to meet a number of unique requirements. They need to provide water to lodges, chalets and other buildings within game resorts. They also need to provide much-needed water within dry areas, either to relieve pressure from boreholes or provide water for wildlife water holes. If the lodge is located in a low water area, this balancing act becomes even more precarious. Without an adequate water supply, resorts will face serious problems.

How Water Reservoirs Help South African Game Lodges

Some of the ways that water reservoirs help game lodges in South Africa include the following:

  • Emergency contingency plans. Droughts, fires, burst municipal pipes, dried up boreholes and many other disasters are not something that any resort owner likes to think about. These are all potential risks that require some type of emergency contingency plan. A reservoir is often the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect a resort against such risks. If water is interrupted for any reason, a large reservoir will be able to provide water without the need to shut down operations.
  • Reduced municipal water bills. A large scale reservoir can also help to keep costs reduced by minimising the need for municipal water supply. In the case of resorts and lodges that typically require a large amount of water, this can be especially helpful. Depending on the size of the resort, the amount of water typically required on any given month, the types of animals kept (and the number), whether or not there are any natural water sources and various other factors, one or more reservoirs can make a major impact.
  • Water access in arid, remote regions. Lodges and game reserves located far away from urban centres face even more of a challenge – particularly when no natural water sources are present. In this instance, water conservation is vital for any type of farm, helping to keep wildlife alive and provide water for human consumption and use. Reservoirs built in these areas do not only help resorts, but can also help local rural communities as well.

SBS Tanks offer a wide range of water tanks for various applications. To learn more about water reservoirs for game farms and resorts, contact us today and let us know how we can assist.