Rainwater Harvesting - Outer View of CTM Factory in KwaZulu-Natal

Industrial Rainwater Harvesting Tank Project at CTM Stores in KZN

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The CTM Store at Newcastle, KZN Harvest Rainwater From Their Roof Into This 110Kl Tank From SBS.
The CTM Store at Newcastle, KZN Harvest Rainwater From Their Roof Into This 110Kl Tank From SBS.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Not The Norm At Business Premises

Rainwater harvesting tanks have long been a feature at many South African homes in both urban and rural areas but owners of business and industrial premises have been slow to adopt the practice, often citing the cost of tanks and other equipment as too great in relation to the benefits received.

Enter CTM, the country’s largest specialist tile and bathroom retailer, who has decided to lead the way in changing this trend and has recently begun harvesting rainwater through the use of storm water attenuation tanks at two of their retail outlet locations in KwaZulu-Natal.

Why CTM Decided to Harvest Rainwater in Tanks

The idea of utilizing SBS Tanks for rainwater harvesting at CTM outlets came about while planning renovation for some of the company’s premises around South Africa. The Chairman of CTM takes great pride in the gardens that have been established at each of the company’s locations and it was a priority to keep these gardens looking their best. At the same time, being an environmentally conscious business, it was important to conserve and limit the use municipal water where possible.

SBS Tanks Chosen For Aesthetics, Durability and Service

“SBS Tanks were chosen to be installed because of their extensive lifespan & closed top roof with no internal columns.  The tank designs are aesthetically pleasing for the all sites, but in particular to the ones that are road facing.  The service ability provided by SBS Water Systems on installation and after is one that we often speak highly of and will always recommend to fellow colleagues looking for an economic & environmentally friendly option for rain water harvesting.”  says Stuart Young, of Afrika Edge Architects, who was tasked with investigating the options available for the harvesting of rainwater through the use of attenuation tanks.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Already Being Seen

To date two of CTM’s retail locations, CTM Pietermaritzberg and CTM New Castle, have their SBS Tanks installed and are already reaping the benefits of collecting free water from the sky. The water is being used in a responsible and productive manner at both locations and the gardens are thriving without an increase in the monthly cost of water on their municipal accounts. The Newcastle location has recently taken their water savings efforts a step further by connecting a small pump to their SBS rainwater harvesting tank they are now supplying pressurized water to flush toilets and urinals within the building.

The installations have been such a success that CTM has ordered 2 more SBS Tanks for a project to extend CTM Port Shepstone store near Margate on the KZN South Coast. They are also planning to use this same approach for any new store locations in the future and/or when renovations are to be undertaken at existing premises.

Afrika Edge Architects Passionate About Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting

Afrika Edge Architects are great believers in the conservation of water and their staff apply this principle in all their designs where practically possible. Professional Architects Stuart Young and Peter Konigkramer of Afrika Edge are both harvesting rainwater, which is stored in tanks supplied by SBS, at their homes. The collected water is used for various needs around their homes and gardens.