We are not always the cheapest because we offer tanks of exceptional quality that are application specific, last longer and we don’t cut corners.

When comparing us with conventional concrete tanks, welded steel tanks, pressed steel tanks and other competitors the customer is urged to take into consideration the following:

  1. Hidden costs that are not shown on the quotation (compare apples with apples).
  2. The cost of the storage system over the lifespan of its application (maintenance costs).
  3. Come-backs (Do your homework by enquiring about previous installations before ordering)
  4. Response to request for information, quotations and installation requirements.

In Southern Africa and overseas, working examples in the harshest climatic conditions (coastal, semi desert, high wind and seismic) the SBS® Tank shows excellent durability and full, leak free use after 17 years. Accelerated corrosion tests indicate a life expectancy of 65+ years, which is well above industry norms.

This hasn’t happened in the 17 years that the SBS Tanks® have been in SA. The reported rate of vandalism and/or theft over the 1000 plus tanks installed in that time is less than 0.5%. However, if a tank is punctured for some reason, the hole can easily be repaired with a homogenous patch and panels can be repaired or replaced.

SBS Tanks® have excellent credentials for fire resistance, which is why they are extremely popular in rural, low maintenance conditions and as fire protection tanks. They are approved in South Africa by the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) and have undergone stringent independent fire testing in Australia with excellent results.

SBS® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd prides itself on the speed and accuracy of its quotation, manufacture and   installation. A recent growth in demand for SBS® Water System’s Tanks has necessitated market specific and area representation that is providing users with convenient local access.

  1. The manufacturing is done in a controlled environment in a manufacturing facility. This means that:
    Precision and quality is easily supervised, tested and ensured.
    b. The risk of injury is minimized on site as no heavy machinery is used.
    c. Weather and other environmental factors have minimal effect on the production of the tank.
  2. The installation takes a matter of days rather than weeks or months thus saving in time and money.
  3. The SBS® tank only requires a simple reinforced ring beam which means that founding requirements are far less stringent which translates into savings in the cost of heavy machines for earth moving.
  4. The need for access roads is drastically reduced resulting in savings that can be transferred into other aspects of the water supply scheme.
  5. Earth tremors from blasting or the use of heavy machinery, especially in mining, do not cause cracks and leaks due to the flexibility of the liner.
  6. The 65 year life expectancy.
  7. Tanks can be relocated if usage demand changes.
  8. SBS Tanks® can be used for a multitude of other liquid storage by the use of special liners.