SBS Tanks Helps Cape Town Desalination Plant

SBS Tanks® are delighted to announce a partnership with QFS and Osmoflo in providing quality water storage for an emergency desalination plant at the V&A Waterfront area of Cape Town. With the region in the grips of its worst drought on record, the City of Cape Town Municipality have launched a number of alternative water sources projects to mitigate the drought’s effects, with this project being one of the landmarks.

The 7 Osmoflo containers making there way from Cape Town harbour

The project is centred around a fully containerised “seawater reverse osmosis and multimedia filtration plant”. Being a 2 MLD plant (which stands for Minimum Liquid Discharge) made up of 7 containers, it will be able to deliver 2 million litres of water per day to the city’s municipal supply! These 7 containers have been rented out to QFS for a minimum period of 24 months, and were installed within a tight schedule of 8 weeks.

SBS Tanks® were the perfect option for high quality water storage, of which 3 different tanks were needed for the various stages of the reverse osmosis and filtration process. Together they provide a total of 436,000 litres of water storage.

The second container is offloaded and placed in position

Overall it’s been a prime example of swift operations, with the seven containers being shipped from origin in Dubai to Cape Town in under 30 days, and then set up at the Waterfront in under 8 weeks. The City of Cape Town’s dire need to augment water sources has been a major driving force behind the urgency of the project, and has been more than adequately met by some of the world’s best in the water industry.

SBS Tanks® Managing Director, Delayne Gray, was recently in Cape Town to inspect the progress of the installation, and was exceptionally happy with the progress of the project to date: “This is a true unifying project. Everyone has come together with the understanding that the situation in Cape Town is serious.” Gray explains, “And for us we have committed to getting these tanks up in the best possible lead time – I am very pleased with my team’s performance thus far.”

2 of the SBS Tanks® for the project in position

Collaboration is key in order for projects of this scale to be successfully rolled out, and the urgency of the situation in Cape Town shows just how much can be achieved when powerful companies pull together. Over the last 20 years, SBS Tanks® has performed thousands of tank installations around the world – and it is projects such as these, where the true need for access to water is so significantly pronounced – that are the most rewarding.




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Water Storage (And Saving) is the Way Forward for the World

South Africans are thinking twice about their leaky taps, and considering water storage solutions quite carefully. Saving water must remain a priority for all of us.

Why is saving water so important in South Africa? It’s this simple: we are the 39th ‘driest’ country in the world. Let’s not forget too, that the Eastern Cape is facing a monumental water crisis – it’s not just Cape Town that’s in jeopardy – it’s the whole country.

While rainfall may fool us into a false sense of water security, our country is water-scarce. In fact, as this article from Africa Check outlines, we received less than 75% of our expected rainfall in 2015, and that put us into drought conditions. And, in light of this article’s findings, it turned even worse during 2016 and 2017.

Putting our rainfall predictions and water supply augmentation ideas aside, saving water should be an imperative for every company, community, and home, in South Africa. Of course, our school curriculum places great emphasis on the importance of saving water, and global initiatives like also try to bring home the message of water conservation, but when will enough water be saved?

The truth is: never. As the World Bank outlines:

Water is at the centre of economic and social development; it is vital to maintain health, grow food, manage the environment, and create jobs. Despite water’s importance, over 663 million people in the world still lack access to improved drinking water sources.

And that’s why initiatives like World Water Day remain important, because saving water is just the start. Securing the water supply for every citizen is vital for survival and economic growth and creating effective water store solutions is important. Globally, water scarcity has become an even bigger concern, as more and more cities, including London, are predicted to run out of water within the next few decades.

Securing a clean supply of water and creating effective water storage solutions must remain a priority for every country, community, and individual. Check out these ways you can save water at home, use less water when you’re at work, or harvest rainwater at your office. Let us know how you save water, and if we can help you create a water storage solution that works for your needs.