A Rainwater Harvesting System for Our Office

The SBS Tanks Head Office is in Pinetown, Durban. A custom-designed, purpose-built rainwater harvesting system helps our team keep utility costs down, while creating new opportunities for the company to explore environmental sustainability programmes. More importantly, aside from creating a water-secure operational head office for our company, we’re making an environmental difference. Check out this video for more information on just how useful we’re finding our rainwater harvesting and water storage tank.

James Preston, Marketing Manager at SBS Tanks, tells us more:

The SBS Tanks rainwater harvesting system installed at the Pinetown Head Office was first undertaken as a Research & Development project, but it’s gone on to have significant benefit for the company. Tell us about the most important ones:

Of course, the primary benefits include harvesting our own water, and not having to rely upon municipal supply. With our full filtration and purification system, we’re able to drink this water safely and with confidence. Having our own water supply that we have provided for entirely on our own is not only something for us to be proud of, but also something very helpful when the municipal water supply is cut off due for whatever reason. A back up water supply is essential for every industry and office! On top of this, the tank is fitted with pretty much every fitting and accessory we supply, as well as showcasing our powder coating options. This means it is the perfect case study when showing engineers and other potential clients the quality of our product and its accessory offering.

How long did it take to create this rainwater harvesting system?

From the start of ringbeam production, to final commissioning of entire turnkey water solution, it took 12 weeks. We keep a close eye, of course, on our rainwater harvesting system, so it’s regularly checked, water quality monitored and tested.

For companies or property owners looking at installing such a system, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them?

Don’t look at a rainwater harvesting solution from a cost-saving perspective. Water is still a remarkably cheap commodity in South Africa. And, if you view rainwater harvesting from a cost-saving perspective, you may be disappointed (at least initially – because as desalination plants and other infrastructure gets upgraded en masse, along with reduced countrywide rainfall, the cost of water is guaranteed to reach astronomical heights). You must view rainwater harvesting from other angles. Primarily, from an environmental one. What a pleasure to be able to create your own water supply, literally from thin air! Rather than that water being released back into our sewage system and eventually back into the sea, it can be used by the people occupying that space! (The original way our forefathers lived!) Secondly, the ability to have a constant supply of water, even when municipal infrastructure fails, is incredibly comforting. Knowing that, no matter what happens to the municipal water supply, you will always have water, gives you confidence to carry on work as usual. And when you add to the fact that this water has been harvested from your roof, even more comforting.

The Advantages of Commercial Rainwater Harvesting in South Africa

As a dry country that is prone to drought and water shortages, the value of commercial rainwater harvesting in South Africa is significant. While the environmental benefits are certainly massive, there are many other advantages to be enjoyed by the harvesting of rainwater on a large scale. With the rise in green, sustainable building technology, property developers all over the country are turning to solutions that help to save resources.

Rainwater tanks are common in the residential sector, but are also becoming popular in commercial development. Schools, factories, hotels, mining corporations, municipal buildings, office parks, shopping centres and many other industries can benefit from a large scale tank.

Top Reasons to Consider Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Much as residential water tanks help homeowners save money and water, commercial rainwater tanks are designed to save water on a large scale. Rainwater is collected and stored in heavy duty bolted steel tanks that are coated in Zincalume, which ensures that tanks are resistant to corrosion and able to withstand virtually any climate and condition. Tanks for commercial rainwater range in size from 12kl to 3300 kl, and, as they are modular in design, they can be relocated should the need arise.

Some of the most significant benefits of commercial rainwater harvesting include the following:

  1. Savings on water costs. From a municipal rates perspective, a water tank can reduce water costs notably. For industries that typically require a large amount of non-potable water for manufacturing or operation, these savings are especially high. In areas with a high rainfall, whether summer or winter, using water that is supplied at no cost, directly from the clouds, helps to alleviate some of the financial pressure of high water bills and monthly rates.
  1. Clean, safe, soft water. Rainwater is free of chemicals, and in some cases, it is safe and clean enough to be used for drinking water. It makes excellent ‘grey’ water to use for fleet washing, toilets and showers. Grounds and gardens also benefit from rain water, as it is free of salts, acids and other chemical traces that are often found in ground water supplies.
  1. Reduces run-off. In high rainfall areas particularly, run-off from gutters and down pipes can wreak havoc on soil, causing erosion and increasing the risk of damp and flooding. When water is harvested during a heavy rain, it can be used instead of wasted. Tanks are designed to integrate within the current roofing and gutter structure, but can be relocated as needed. Once drainage paths have been identified, tanks can be placed strategically to capture run-off.
  1. Reduces stress on public water supply. The majority of cities and towns cannot afford to waste water. Public water is used for a variety of purposes, including plumbing, drinking water supply, reservoirs for fire control, maintenance for public spaces and numerous other purposes. By collecting and using rainwater, businesses can help take off some of this pressure, lowering the risk of water shortages in the event of drought and restrictions.
  1. Increases sustainability. The growing need for sustainable, environmentally-friendly initiatives is clear. All over the world, water shortages are proving yet again that water is fast becoming one of the most precious resources on the planet. Rainwater is a free, pure commodity that can be utilised in a wide range of applications, without putting further strain on the diminishing supplies of water found on the planet.

As a specialist in high quality Zincalume tanks, SBS Tanks can assist with a wide range of commercial rainwater harvesting tanks. For more information, contact us today with your requirements.