SBS Tanks Helps Cape Town Desalination Plant

SBS Tanks® are delighted to announce a partnership with QFS and Osmoflo in providing quality water storage for an emergency desalination plant at the V&A Waterfront area of Cape Town. With the region in the grips of its worst drought on record, the City of Cape Town Municipality have launched a number of alternative water sources projects to mitigate the drought’s effects, with this project being one of the landmarks.

The 7 Osmoflo containers making there way from Cape Town harbour

The project is centred around a fully containerised “seawater reverse osmosis and multimedia filtration plant”. Being a 2 MLD plant (which stands for Minimum Liquid Discharge) made up of 7 containers, it will be able to deliver 2 million litres of water per day to the city’s municipal supply! These 7 containers have been rented out to QFS for a minimum period of 24 months, and were installed within a tight schedule of 8 weeks.

SBS Tanks® were the perfect option for high quality water storage, of which 3 different tanks were needed for the various stages of the reverse osmosis and filtration process. Together they provide a total of 436,000 litres of water storage.

The second container is offloaded and placed in position

Overall it’s been a prime example of swift operations, with the seven containers being shipped from origin in Dubai to Cape Town in under 30 days, and then set up at the Waterfront in under 8 weeks. The City of Cape Town’s dire need to augment water sources has been a major driving force behind the urgency of the project, and has been more than adequately met by some of the world’s best in the water industry.

SBS Tanks® Managing Director, Delayne Gray, was recently in Cape Town to inspect the progress of the installation, and was exceptionally happy with the progress of the project to date: “This is a true unifying project. Everyone has come together with the understanding that the situation in Cape Town is serious.” Gray explains, “And for us we have committed to getting these tanks up in the best possible lead time – I am very pleased with my team’s performance thus far.”

2 of the SBS Tanks® for the project in position

Collaboration is key in order for projects of this scale to be successfully rolled out, and the urgency of the situation in Cape Town shows just how much can be achieved when powerful companies pull together. Over the last 20 years, SBS Tanks® has performed thousands of tank installations around the world – and it is projects such as these, where the true need for access to water is so significantly pronounced – that are the most rewarding.




Water Tanks and Wins from 2017

We’ve started this year off in the best way possible – with continued momentum! Building on the successes and lessons learnt during 2017 is an important part of our planning for 2018, and we’re looking forward to working more closely with many more wonderful customers during this big year. Here’s what we most enjoyed during 2017, as we look forward to growing bigger, working smarter, and helping more people find the right liquid storage solution for their business, home, and community:

Water Conservation at School
During 2017, we helped Atholl Heights Primary School develop and install a rainwater harvesting system. The school created an entire programme around the installation, with pupils participating in a range of activities related to the project. These included: an art competition, assisting in the production and installation, and a special School Assembly. Installing three water tanks at key points within the school premises, we help Atholl Heights Primary School collect up to 86,000 litres of rainwater, which is then used for the bathroom and sanitation facilities. This project wasn’t just a project to us – it was an opportunity to work closely with, and inspire, the leaders of tomorrow.

The Grand Challenge with East Coast Radio
Sponsoring KwaZulu Natal’s favourite radio gameshow was a definitive 2017 highlight for our team. Choosing to collaborate with the province’s favourite radio station, and to support the East Coast Radio Breakfast Show’s Grand Challenge competition, turned out to be one of our company highlights for 2017, and handing over Grand Challenge prizes to clued-up winners was a big, feel-good, bonus for our team. Similarly, we deeply enjoyed providing the storage tank at East Coast Radio house for the Living Well project. Using a water-from-air machine provided by Super Water, the Living Well project provided free, fresh and clean drinking water.

Supporting SA Boxing
During December 2017, we hosted ‘Fight for Water’, a 7-fight night of boxing that included an eliminator battle for the then-vacant SA Super Middleweight Title. That bout ended in a draw after 7 amazing, intense rounds. Our Marketing Manager, James Preston, had this to say: “This is the first time that we have gotten involved in boxing. It has been an incredible eye-opener for us. The amount of work that goes into putting something like this together… I am amazed by how SA Boxing does this, and most of the time at their own expense!” said SBS Tanks Marketing Manager, James Preston. SBS Tanks MD, Delayne Gray, shared his view on SBS Tanks’ involvement in supporting South African sport: “This is our first attempt at sponsorship and getting behind a sport. Big sport has got a lot of people behind it, big names, a lot of money… but there are other sports, marginalised sports, that don’t have a voice – the necessary sponsorship and people behind them, and SBS wants to support the voice of KZN Boxing.”

Adding Another Accolade
During the latter half of October 2017, our team was pleased and proud to not only be nominated for, but also ultimately win the prize for Most Productive Company in South Africa. Rigorous auditing procedures, coupled with all-round commitment and determination to achieve our operational goals, enabled SBS Tanks to take home this highly-respected accolade.

What’s next for us, in 2018? We can’t wait to show you! To find out more about the SBS Tanks team can help your company, get in touch with our team on