SBS Tanks® take to the ring to fight for a cause

Boxing. A sport marvelled by millions for its intensity, passion, and excitement. 

It was this passion that led to an encounter between Mike Dube, a KZN boxing promoter and Delayne Gray, Managing Director of SBS Tanks. Dube was looking for a way to use boxing to raise funds for a water tank to be used in a rural community. After being approached by Dube with the idea, Gray expressed his interest in getting involved – with the long term goal of the SBS Group supporting the local sporting community, and using sport as a tool for upliftment. Only a week later, Dube returned with an impressive proposal, showing his commitment to the initiative and setting the plan in motion.

Delayne Gray, MD of SBS Tanks
Delayne Gray, MD of SBS Tanks

“This is our first attempt at sponsorship and getting behind a sport. Big sport has got a lot of people behind it, big names, a lot of money… but there are other sports, marginalised sports, that don’t have a voice – the necessary sponsorship and people behind them, and SBS wants to support the voice of KZN Boxing” says Gray.  

Armed with a strong team, and supported by some of the best in the boxing fraternity,  SBS Tanks launched the ‘Fight for Water’ initiative on Saturday the 9th of December. The kick-off event consisted of 7 fights taking place over the course of the evening, and was fully sanctioned by SA Boxing. Their presence at the event was invaluable – with officials, judges, doctors, and a full team of medics on site to ensure that the fights were all done by the book.

Ring announcer Darren Maule led us into the evening as the first bout, the Bantamweight Exhibition, began – setting the tone for what was to come. The fights that followed ranged across divisions, and even featured a couple of debut fights.

These fights were arguably some of the most exciting, with fighters giving their absolute all as guests caught a first look at their abilities.

The support within the arena was prevalent, with all contenders being led into the ring with a full entourage in tow. Flags, T-Shirts, and even a few screaming ladies – especially in the case of Chatsworth’s own Marc Subramoney. Marc took on Akeem Tijani from Nigeria in a Heavyweight bout, and won by TKO. There was even boxing royalty present. Francois ‘The White Buffalo’ Botha, a former professional boxer who faced boxing greats like Mike Tyson & Lennox Lewis, joined us to support his son, Middleweight Marcel Botha. Marcel went on to win his match against Mpumalanga’s Ntobeko Makeleni.

By the time the main card event came around, the thrill was palpable, with everyone waiting to see who would be the successor in the eliminator fight for the vacant SA Super Middleweight Title. After 8 rounds of exemplary boxing between KZN’s Christopher Buthelezi and Eastern Cape’s Masixole Botile, the judges could not reach a unanimous decision, and the fight concluded in a draw. With Buthelezi having fought a number of professional fights, this result was testament to the level of boxing on show.

“This is the first time that we have gotten involved in boxing. It has been an incredible eye-opener for us. The amount of work that goes into putting something like this together… I am amazed by how SA Boxing does this, and most of the time at their own expense!” said SBS Tanks Marketing Manager, James Preston.

Above the involvement of Dube, and SA Boxing – the support of the community was paramount to the success of this event.  “Boxers put their heart and their soul into this sport, and sometimes cannot even afford the plane ticket to get to their fight(s). This evening, I would like you all to understand that you being here is helping us to support the men and women putting all they have into this sport.” said Gray, during the event. With the continued support of SA Boxing, the community, and the boxing fraternity – this may just be the start of getting South African boxing the support and recognition it deserves.

Watch the live feed from the event, and check the final results below.

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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What’s Your Water Usage?

While the City of Cape Town is currently urging residents to use only up to 87 litres per person, a day, we started wondering: what is the standard water usage for a person, every day? Let’s consider the following:

Every time you flush your toilet, you use between 6 and 9 litres of water. Suddenly, every flush seems like a lot of water, right? That’s because it is!

The standard showerhead uses up to 25 litres of water, per minute. That seems crazy to think of, but that’s why using water-efficient, low-flow showerheads, that use only up to 8 litres of water per minute, should be the standard in every home. If we adopt the Cape Town way of showering for only two minutes, turn the water off when we soap up, and keep a bucket in the shower to collect water, we could all save a bundle of water, every day. These 2-minute shower songs could help you get your groove on, and stay within the time limit too.

Washing the dishes every night feels like such a chore, but it’s also a big consumer of water, so don’t feel tempted into filling up the sink twice. Washing a single sinkful of dishes can consume up to 18 litres of water. If you prefer to let your dishwasher do the dirty work, make sure it’s full first. Dishwashers use between 15 and 75 litres of water for a single wash.

Running the washing machine feels so simple, but your standard washing machine uses between 60 to 150 litres of water, for a single wash. That’s why it’s so important to only run your washing machine when it’s full. Otherwise, you’d be wasting water!

Water usage

But, now that you’re clean, your laundry’s done, and your kitchen is spotless, you still need to eat and drink. The standard water usage for a person who cooks one meal a day, drinks 2 litres of water, and then has few cups of tea or coffee every day, averages out to approximately 4 to 5 litres. Let’s not forget – your pet needs to be washed, fed, and watered too, so add in at least an extra litre for them, per pet, per day too!

And, of course, if you have any pesky dripping taps in the house…you’re using way more water than you realise. A single dripping tap can waste up to 20,000 litres in a year. That’s a whole lot of water, down the drain!

How are you using water more efficiently, and what are your tips for keeping your family’s water usage down? If you’re looking for water storage solutions, or tips on how to cut your water usage, get in touch with our team and let’s chat!

Zincalume: Not Your Standard Steel

Our water tanks are anything but average, and that’s because our manufacturing process is anything but average too. Our not-so-secret formula for our tanks, starts with Zincalume®.

Our sales team fields a wide variety of questions from interested clients, throughout the year. The most commonly posed question, asked to our team is this:

What makes SBS Tanks different from the rest?

Of course, there’s our superb after-sales service, and our incredible team. There’s also our longstanding commitment to building a better South Africa, and our vision of serving communities and customers across the globe. And, as you know, our associations, endorsements and awards speak for themselves.

But behind the scenes, the not-so-secret formula to our weather-enduring, long-lasting, and easily assembled water tanks begins with Zincalume®. Our love for this incredible, durable material is rooted in our long history of working with it. We’ve been using Zincalume® to manufacture our tanks since we launched in 1988.

What is Zincalume?
What is Zincalume?

What is Zincalume®?

Zincalume® is not your standard steel. In fact, Zincalume® is made up of:

  • 5% Zinc
  • 55% Aluminium
  • 5% Silicon

That makes it a tough, yet durable material… and that’s why we use to it create our liquid storage tanks.

Here’s why our team loves Zincalume®:

  • It’s lightweight and extremely versatile.
  • It offers excellent corrosion resistance – up to four times more corrosion resistance than your typical galvanized steel.
  • By using our customised, purpose-built liners within the Zincalume® tanks, we’re able to create customised liquid storage solutions for our clients that last far longer than you may think.
  • Because our tanks are not made of plastic, they are far less likely to perish, and offer our customers extra peace of mind. The potential for contamination is minimised through our use of Zincalume® panels and liners.
  • The high level of corrosion resistance, matched with our purpose-built manufacturing process, enables our tanks to live up to customer’s needs, no matter the environmental conditions. Our tanks can (and do!) withstand even the harshest of climates.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, attractive, and excellently manufactured water tank, get in touch with our team. We’ll guide you through our process of designing and delivering the water tank you need.

SBS Tanks to host a championship fight

Join us on the 9th of December 2017 to witness 2 champion South African boxers fight in the Super Middleweight division for a cause they believe in! 

SBS Tanks® is venturing into the sporting arena to keep young people out of trouble, and grow essential life skills that are encouraged by sport. We’re doing this by creating a KZN boxing league sanctioned by SA Boxing, and this December’s “Fight for Water” is the kick off event! 

Featuring SA champion “Christopher Buthelezi” from Nquthu, KZN as the main card event, it promises to be an epic night!

Chris will be up against the dynamic Masixole Botile from PE in an eliminator for the vacant SA Super Middleweight Title, and the winner will also take home the grand prize of a Water Storage tank to be donated to a community of their choice. 

The night will also feature incredible drawcard fights with the likes of Francois “the White Elephant” Botha’s son, Marcel Botha, taking part, and Chatsworth’s very own Heavyweight champion, Marc Subramoney, along with many more.

It all happens on Saturday 9 December, starting at 5pm in the Liner Facility.

WIN: Click here to enter our ticket competition and stand the chance to win a double ticket to this event!

With boxing fan, Darren Maule, as ring announcer, 1KZN TV filming the event, guests will enjoy a night of top entertainment, while contributing towards empowering a local community. Our VIP guests will also get to indulge in the full spread of food and bar on offer.

Ticket prices are R100 for a Standard ticket, R200 for VIP and R1850 for a VIP table of 10, and they are expected to sell out FAST, so please purchase your tickets here to avoid disappointment! Alternatively, you can also email directly, to arrange an EFT payment, or if you have any questions.

A Rainwater Harvesting System for Our Office

The SBS Tanks Head Office is in Pinetown, Durban. A custom-designed, purpose-built rainwater harvesting system helps our team keep utility costs down, while creating new opportunities for the company to explore environmental sustainability programmes. More importantly, aside from creating a water-secure operational head office for our company, we’re making an environmental difference. Check out this video for more information on just how useful we’re finding our rainwater harvesting and water storage tank.

James Preston, Marketing Manager at SBS Tanks, tells us more:

The SBS Tanks rainwater harvesting system installed at the Pinetown Head Office was first undertaken as a Research & Development project, but it’s gone on to have significant benefit for the company. Tell us about the most important ones:

Of course, the primary benefits include harvesting our own water, and not having to rely upon municipal supply. With our full filtration and purification system, we’re able to drink this water safely and with confidence. Having our own water supply that we have provided for entirely on our own is not only something for us to be proud of, but also something very helpful when the municipal water supply is cut off due for whatever reason. A back up water supply is essential for every industry and office! On top of this, the tank is fitted with pretty much every fitting and accessory we supply, as well as showcasing our powder coating options. This means it is the perfect case study when showing engineers and other potential clients the quality of our product and its accessory offering.

How long did it take to create this rainwater harvesting system?

From the start of ringbeam production, to final commissioning of entire turnkey water solution, it took 12 weeks. We keep a close eye, of course, on our rainwater harvesting system, so it’s regularly checked, water quality monitored and tested.

For companies or property owners looking at installing such a system, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them?

Don’t look at a rainwater harvesting solution from a cost-saving perspective. Water is still a remarkably cheap commodity in South Africa. And, if you view rainwater harvesting from a cost-saving perspective, you may be disappointed (at least initially – because as desalination plants and other infrastructure gets upgraded en masse, along with reduced countrywide rainfall, the cost of water is guaranteed to reach astronomical heights). You must view rainwater harvesting from other angles. Primarily, from an environmental one. What a pleasure to be able to create your own water supply, literally from thin air! Rather than that water being released back into our sewage system and eventually back into the sea, it can be used by the people occupying that space! (The original way our forefathers lived!) Secondly, the ability to have a constant supply of water, even when municipal infrastructure fails, is incredibly comforting. Knowing that, no matter what happens to the municipal water supply, you will always have water, gives you confidence to carry on work as usual. And when you add to the fact that this water has been harvested from your roof, even more comforting.

SBS Tanks® Wins Top Honours at Productivity SA Awards

We are delighted to add another accolade to our list of honours and join the rank of companies that have been applauded by Productivity SA for their best use of resources and epitomising the highest qualities and attributes of productivity.

This has been an esteemed award nomination for us. After being approached by Productivity SA as a potential candidate for the Most Productive Company award and a visit by the auditing panel to our factory in September, we were thrilled to win the KZN regional segment and go through to the national final!

Once again, SBS ticked all the boxes to clinch the prestigious Gold prize and coveted title of Most Productive Company in the corporate sector at the Productivity SA 2017 national awards ceremony, which was held on the 20th of October in Johannesburg.

As an industry pioneer and world-class supplier of water storage tanks, SBS has made a huge contribution towards ensuring South Africans have access to clean, safe water as well as helping citizens save water – no matter where they are located. In the Western Cape, SBS’s footprint has yielded positive results in their efforts to alleviate the effects of the drought through the installation of water storage tanks across the province.

Severe water shortage is damaging to our economy as most industries depend on this resource to function. Furthermore, as a country we have a constitutional obligation to ensure that every citizen has access to potable water and sanitation services. We are proud to say that our products provide solutions to these challenges!

A key aspect of the Productivity Awards is that any improvement in aspect of the company must result in increased economic activity.

SBS meets this benchmark through its positive impact across multiple industry sectors. This includes helping mines find effective solutions to their process water containment problems, swift municipal reservoir installations, commercial water backup and rainwater harvesting solutions among many others.

Through its award-winning export programme, SBS has made a positive contribution towards the growth of the economy and increased the country’s competitiveness within the global market – which is another fundamental award criteria. Their long-term vision for local and international expansion covers most continents with an extensive foothold in Africa and more recently the USA with the opening of a distribution outlet in Texas.

The Productivity SA Awards is an honoured platform to be recognised as an industry pioneer. Our solid performance and product offering highlights SBS’s consistent delivery of excellence in building our economy and improving the lives of all South Africans by providing essential water solutions.

We would like to thank Productivity SA for recognising our commitment to making our country a better and more productive place for all!

Here is a video that was shot by the team from Productivity SA in preparation for the awards ceremony:

Water Storage Solutions For Your Home

Climate change, unpredictable weather patterns, and escalating utility costs mean that finding water storage solutions for your home is essential. Let’s consider some safe ways your family can store, re-use, and save water at home:

Grey Water System
A grey water system can help to substantially reduce the amount of water your family uses every day. It entails recycling gently used water and re-using it for other purposes. For example, collecting water from your bathtub and re-using it to flush the toilet. Flushing toilets use a mammoth amount of water each time, so re-using water for this helps to prevent water wastage. Use buckets to store or transport grey water around your house, or install a grey water system. Grey water can be used to water your garden and plants.

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting systems can also help to offset your water bill, and you can install a fully-fledged system or simply collect rain water in a rudimentary way using buckets. Note, however, that if you’re collecting rainwater in buckets or other containers, rather don’t use it for drinking. Use collected rainwater for household cleaning,

Storing Water in Your Fridge or Cupboards
Storing drinking water is important, but doing it safely is even more critical. If you purchase bottled water, make sure it’s correctly sealed and check the expiry date on the bottle. If you’re storing water that you’ve drawn from a household tap, ensure your containers are clean and disinfected. Check with your municipality for information on whether or not you need to purify, or boil, your stored water, before drinking it.

A Water Tank for Your Home

One of the best water storage solutions for your home is, of course, a water tank. Water tanks can be customised to suit your specific needs, and connected to various types of water collection systems. Finding the right type of water storage solutions for your home can be a little tricky, but we’re happy to help. Call us for some advice, (we love talking about water!) and let’s save and store water, the right way, together!

Water Tanks in Cape Town

Water conservation efforts are now at their peak in the Western Cape, with the City of Cape Town having implemented level 5 water restrictions in early September 2017.

While saving water at home is usually everyone’s first thought around water conservation, saving water at work is important too. Critically, the commercial, hospitality, and agricultural sectors across South Africa, have had to find innovative ways to not only conserve water, but also harvest rainwater, wherever possible.


As part of our commitment to helping companies find water saving solutions that work for them, we’ve installed a number of our Zincalume® tanks in and around the Western Cape. They’re easy to spot from afar, so let us know if you’ve seen one of our SBS Tanks while in Cape Town.

We’ve helped wineries, farms, companies, and whole suburbs, set up water tanks in Cape Town, designing each tank in accordance with our clients’ specific needs.

Water tanks can be used for fire protection, and because every emergency plan needs a backup plan, we install two tanks for this purpose, at each site.



Our water tanks in Cape Town can also be used to provide a backup water supply for tourism and hospitality establishments, or offer farms and wineries alternative water sources for irrigation purposes.


No matter the climatic conditions or season, water conservation should be a priority for all of us! Get in touch with our team if you’d like to implement rainwater harvesting system for your office, or find out more about our range of water storage tanks.

5 things to know about your water tank supplier

As a world-class supplier of water storage tanks, there’s a few things you should know about us. Here are 5 things you may not yet know:

We’re Durban Proud
Our Head Office is in Pinetown, and it’s here that we manufacture custom-built water and liquid storage solutions for clients across the globe. We love having visitors, and showing people their way around our warehouse, so let us know when you’d like to pop in for a visit! You’ll also find our Regional Office in Gauteng, in Centurion.

SBS Tanks

But We’re Not Just in Durban
It’s true! While our Head Office is in Pinetown, Durban…you’ll find SBS Tanks all over the world. Our SBS Tanks USA office is up and running, and already delivering a lifetime of value to clients who need storage tanks across the United States.

You’ll Spot Us Anywhere
But it’s not only the USA that we’re helping to find water tank solutions that work for their needs. You’ll find SBS Tanks installed across South Africa and Africa. In fact, while the Western Cape is trying to mitigate the effects of a terrible drought, we’ve been installing water storage tanks across the province. See if you can spot one of our distinctive water tanks in Cape Town!


First to Market
SBS Tanks were the first company to bring Zincalume® tanks to South Africa. That was back in 1998, and we’re now 18 years into our journey of providing premium liquid storage solutions for multiple industries.

We Work With Multiple Sectors
Our water storage tanks aren’t just single-purpose solutions. In fact, thanks to our commitment to designing, building, and installing, customised solutions for our clients, we’re able to adapt and work across multiple industries. We help mines find effective solutions to their multitude of liquid containment problems, including dealing with hazardous liquids. We’re helping companies stay safe, and on guard, in case of any fire emergencies. We help restaurants, hotels, and other establishments secure their water supply, and we help municipalities ensure their citizens have access to clean, safe water, no matter where they are situated. Most of all, we’re passionate about helping anyone and everyone save water, and that’s why we set up our very own rainwater harvesting tank at our office. It’s not just a research and development project for us, as it’s already helped our company save a bundle of money and kept some of our utilities bills down! If your company is interested in installing a rainwater harvesting system, get in touch!

Ways to save water at home (that you haven’t thought of yet)

By now, you know all about using grey water to replenish the water in your garden soil, or you’ve installed a handy bucket in your home’s shower to catch wasted water. You’ve probably set a time limit on how long the kids can run their bath, and everyone’s turning off the taps while brushing their teeth. But, as our team has found out, there are some unusual ways you can save even more water too. Check out our list of ways you can save water at home, that you may not have thought of just yet.


Washing the Dishes
You’ve enjoyed an epic dinner with family and friends, and now the pile of dishes is staring you down like a scary monster you’d prefer to ignore. That monster isn’t just a chore though – it can be an exercise in saving water too. Rather than filling your sink with water and then piling the dishes in one by one, pick the biggest pot or bowl you need to clean and fill that with soapy water. Thereafter, put smaller dishes into the same pot/bowl and use that water to clean the smaller dishes. You’ll end up using less water, and still getting the same number of dishes sparkling clean.

Pick your Glass for the Day
We all do it: head to the kitchen for a glass of water, enjoy a little refreshing drink and then later, we do it again. By the end of the day, you’ve accumulated numerous glasses that all need to be washed which, in turn, uses more water. Rather, pick your glass for the day and keep refilling it. Instead of five glasses to wash, you’ll just have one for the day. Every little bit of water saving adds up!

Lighten the Laundry Load
News just in: you don’t need to always wash an item of clothing, after every single wear. In fact, clothing items like denim jeans, jerseys, and jackets, can be worn multiple times before washing.

Let the Kids Skip Bath Time
If your children are keen to skip the suds for a night or two, it’s okay! Let them cool off in the pool with an afternoon swim, or get them into the tub once every two nights. Alternatively, if you’re a stickler for bath time routine, bath everyone together – it’s double the fun, and half the water.

Put the Bucket Outside
Collecting rainwater doesn’t need to be difficult – a simple bucket placed outside during a downpour could collect a fair amount of (free!) water you can use to water your garden. Next time you hear that soothing sound of rain, reach for your bucket and put it outside.

Go to the Carwash
We know – you love that shiny, sleek style of a freshly washed car, but doing it at home uses more water than you need, and it’s a chore you can tick off your list. Rather, find out which of your local car washes recycles their water, or uses a waterless cleaning method. You’ll be saving water, supporting local businesses and setting aside more free time to catch up on your favourite series. Everybody wins!

If you’re looking for more ways to save water, we’ve got you covered. Check out our handy list of ways to save water at the office, or learn more about our rainwater harvesting systems.